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Twinkies make early comeback

Published On: Jul 12 2013 07:23:35 PM CDT

Hostess is back, proving you can't kill the Twinkie.


The comeback for Twinkies and many other Hostess snacks is rolling out early in some stores across the country.

Albertsons stores stocked the Hostess sweets to about 100 stores this week. A manager of a local Albertsons location said they received a pallet of the snacks Wednesday, and they us they are selling fast

"Most stores got in a pallet of these and sold through them within a couple of days, and what we have is just barely what's left," said Albertsons Store Director Doug Tirrell.

Local Wal-Mart employees said they will receive their shipment of Twinkies tonight, and have them on the shelves by Saturday morning. Wal-mart stores will be receiving collectable boxes that say "First Batch" on the front.

Twinkies have been off store shelves since November, after Hostess declared bankruptcy. The snack cake recipes and brand name were later bought by a private investment group.