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Rexburg Chamber of Commerce talks health care reform

Published On: Sep 11 2013 06:22:31 PM CDT
Updated On: Sep 11 2013 08:47:55 PM CDT

Rexburg Chamber of Commerce talks health care reform

Rexburg, Idaho -

Idahoans are less than three weeks away from being able to go online to purchase health insurance from a state exchange, and business owners still have a lot of questions about it.

The Rexburg Chamber of Commerce held a forum on Wednesday to try to answer those questions.

A health care expert, an insurance expert and state Rep. Doug Hancey spoke to attendees.

Federal law mandates that by Jan. 1, small businesses and individuals must have some sort of health insurance.  Hancey said it could be a tough transition.

"It's still a developing program," he said. "All the answers aren't out there yet, but we have to see, especially for the small businessman, what comes forth."