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New vaccinations pique interests

Published On: Sep 03 2013 07:31:35 PM CDT

As flu season emerges people are encouraged to get vaccinated. Needles are no longer an excuse.


With flu season just around the corner, doctors are encouraging people to start thinking about flu vaccinations. Unfortunately, when it comes down to flu season, many people are afraid of getting shots.

Immunization coordinator James Corbett works for the Eastern Idaho Public Health District. Corbett said there are several forms of the vaccine that are now available, which may come as a relief for many parents.

"Many [kids] don't want to come in for a shot, but a little spray in the nose and they're in and out the door. They do great. They love it," said Corbett.

But Corbett said the nasal form of the vaccine is not for everyone.

"If you're over 49, then you're kind of out of luck," he said.

Instead, people over the age of 49 are given a normal injection or a micro-needle.

"They understand that its not as bad as they thought it was when they were 5," he said.

Many doctors and health care professionals were concerned that certain strands of the flu was immune to the vaccine. In result, the Food and Drug Administration has come out with a vaccine that targets four strands of the the virus instead of only three.

Corbett said the only downside is that the vaccine will be short in supply this year and will only be provided on a first come, first served basis.

"Not every provider is going to carry those options, but you can ask them," said Corbett.

The Public Health District says there are other things that people can do in addition to getting vaccinated.

Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. 

Try your best to stay away from people who may be sick.

If you or your child get sick, stay home. 

Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.