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Lauren Ramsey: Distinguished Student

By By Jay Hildebrandt, Local News 8 Anchor
Published On: May 09 2013 09:52:27 PM CDT
Updated On: May 09 2013 10:20:45 PM CDT

Lauren wins Distinguished Student Award

LEADORE, Idaho -

Getting involved in extracurricular activities is part of the high school experience. This week's United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winner has been involved in plenty of them. Leadore High School senior, Lauren Ramsey managed to keep up perfect grades too.

I caught up with Lauren as she was rehearsing for the school play. Drama is just one of many activities she's involved in.

"I like being able to be someone else, and just going crazy with it," Lauren said.

The school only has 72 students, and that includes all the elementary kids. There are 10 students in the senior class. Lauren sees benefits of a smaller school.

"You know everybody, you grew up with everybody, it's kind of like a big family,” Lauren said. “I get the opportunity a lot to work with younger kids because the elementary is right there, so I've coached volleyball a lot, and it's fun to be able to share your talents with them and watch them grow up."

Even though the school is small it still offers plenty of extracurricular activities for the students and Lauren is involved in many of them.

"Here you kind of have to do a little bit of everything because in order to have a group you have to have everybody involved, and since there's not that many people you get to do a lot, and I've done robotics and varsity basketball and volleyball, drama, and Business Professionals of America," Lauren said.

Lauren plans to go to BYU-Idaho and major in graphic design. She'd like to eventually settle down in a small town like Leadore. Looking back on her school years, Lauren has this advice for other high school students.

"The world is constantly trying to tell you, especially girls, that you're not good enough, that you need to be a certain weight and you need to act and look a certain way, but don't be afraid to be you, because of everyone was the same it would be really boring," Lauren said.