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I.F. New Year's baby arrives

Published On: Jan 02 2014 07:44:03 PM CST

The first Idaho Falls baby of 2014 was born at 7:52 p.m. with just hours before New Year's day ended.


The first Idaho Falls baby of 2014 was born at 7:52 p.m. Wednesday, just hours before the New Year's day ended.

Baby Colby Busselberg was born at Mountain View Hospital. His parents, Angela Busselberg and Michael Busselberg were awarded with a complementary basket from the hospital. Angela Busselberg gave birth naturally.

She say's although this is her third child, having the first baby of the year makes this birth just as special as the first two.

"It's kind of exciting to start the new year off with a brand new baby, brand new year. It's a whole bunch of change really fast," she said.

"We weren't anticipating that we'd have the New Year's baby, but you know he was the first one and we're excited. We'll have some new life for a new year," said Michael Busselberg.

To be eligible for the first baby of the year, the mother must have the baby without inducement or a cesarean section. Hospitals do this to keep people from inducing labor unnecessarily for the new year.