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Great Neighbors: Rigby High students

Published On: Sep 23 2013 04:30:31 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 23 2013 04:56:35 PM CDT

Students elect special homecoming king and queen

RIGBY, Idaho -

Sometimes teenagers get a bad rap for being too self-centered, but that's not the case with the students at Rigby High School.

Travis Teiken and Gretta Barnett both have developmental delays but students elected them homecoming king and queen.

"They are some of the sweetest kids in the school, we just love them to death," homecoming princess Olivia Olaveson said.

"They're super kind, so everybody talks to them and you can see them smiling in the halls," added homecoming prince Dexter Johnston

It's sort of an unwritten tradition recently at Rigby High to students to elect students like Travis and Gretta for homecoming royalty.

"They announced the king is Travis and everybody in the stands just jumps up, and I'm pretty sure everybody was crying. I know I was crying," Olivia said.

Travis and Gretta take their responsibilities seriously.

"Be in the parade and go to the game and go to the dance," Gretta said.

Travis just pointed to his crown and repeated, “King, king.”

It's heartwarming to see how sincere fellow students are in their affection for these two.

"I've known him for a long time,” Ronnie Zamora said. "He's my best friend. He always cares about me."

When the cheerleaders were asked what they think of Gretta some responses were:
"She's so beautiful. She's so fun."

There was similar praise for Travis.

“He's so sweet and so handsome." the cheerleaders said.

From getting their pictures taken, to waving to their fans in the parade, Travis and Gretta played their royal roles perfectly.