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District wants input on four-day school week

By Christina Jensen
Published On: Jan 13 2014 07:48:30 PM CST
Updated On: Jan 13 2014 08:22:21 PM CST

The Jefferson School District wants parents input on having a four-day school week.


Parents in Jefferson County will soon have a chance to weigh in on the district's proposal for a four-day school week.

On Wednesday night a committee will send a survey to every parent in the district, which will allow comments on the four-day school week.

In a few weeks they will bring the data from the surveys to the school board. 

Superintendent Ron Tolman said it is a hard decision.

"Those who have experienced a four-day week in other districts in almost every case they're happy with it, so it is hard for them to consider anything, but those who haven't had it are a little worried about it," he said. The Jefferson County school district should be making its decision by April.  If you would like to take part in the survey, click here