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Concealed-weapons bill to focus on training

Published On: Feb 19 2013 07:03:08 PM CST

A local sheriff is happy to hear state lawmakers are considering a bill to require more training for concealed weapons permits.


Right now, just under a dozen states recognize Idaho's concealed-weapons permits and that number would jump to more than 30 if a new bill passes.

Madison County Sheriff Roy Klingler says the permits require little instruction.

"Most of the sheriff's offices will issue permits without anybody having any training, but the code says we shall issue the permit," said Klingler.

The bill calls for sheriff's departments to offer a new, voluntary enhanced permit that includes an eight-hour class with live fire training.

The enhanced license would cost $20 and have a $15 renewal fee.

A sales associate at the Gun Shop in Idaho Falls says if it's passed, additional training will be beneficial.

"We have customers all the time that come in and want to get concealed permits to carry guns and just because they've taken hunters safety, they think they're qualified enough to use a handgun for self-defense," said Andy Giddings.

Klingler says his staff is already preparing to teach people how to be responsible with a gun.

"We want to do the home-defense courses, we want to teach what the NRA is already putting out there, so we're going to be offering that, and many other sheriff offices already are."

The bill will get a public hearing before the committee in the coming weeks.

Idaho Rep. Judy Boyle says she's hopeful an enhanced permit could convince Idaho school boards to allow people to carry concealed weapons in schools.