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Skunks invade Fla. couple's home

Published On: Sep 26 2011 10:06:12 AM CDT
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A Florida couple returned from a monthlong vacation to find they had some new -- and stinky -- roommates.

Stephanie and Bill Palieri told West Palm Beach TV station WPBF that about 10 skunks squeezed into their home through a window that was left open. The couple had been visiting relatives to celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary, The Associated Press reported.

The skunks are in the walls, under the cabinets and behind the appliances. They're chewing wires -- making the stove unusable -- and snacking on cat food and anything else they can find, the couple told WPBF.

Wildlife trapper James Dean is helping the couple for free, but has only been able to trap one of the animals so far.