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Soccer: Why it's a killer workout

Published On: Feb 24 2014 04:06:15 PM CST
Soccer ball

By Nikki, Pure Matters

As I’ve mentioned quite a few times in past blog posts, I grew up playing soccer, I played in college and when I’m not pregnant I play on an adult coed team. It’s in my blood! It is my ultimate favorite workout and here is why:

Running without realizing you’re doing any work. Seriously, play any sport and you will find that if you focus on the task at hand, ie: chasing the soccer ball, you won’t even realize that you’re working out. Okay, maybe you’ll get a little winded. But I prefer chasing down a ball or player to aimlessly running on the pavement.

Interval Training. How many times have you heard that doing interval training is so good for you? One minute you’re jogging down the field, the next minute you are sprinting for a pass. Just make sure you catch your breath!

60 – 90 minute workout. Soccer games are LONG. Sure, you have subs, but for the most part you are getting a long, intense workout in. There’s no better feeling than leaving the field nice and sweaty with a few bumps and bruises thrown in.

Camaraderie. My absolute favorite thing about playing soccer is my team. I love the friendships I’ve made along the years -- there is a special bond you form when you travel to out of town tournaments every weekend. I look back fondly at all the silly games we played on long bus rides and the tears we shed at our last high school game when we lost at States. Now that I’m on an adult team, the camaraderie is different, but still fun. I’m counting down until this baby is born and I can get back to my team -- NOVA UNITED FC!

I can think of a million other reasons why soccer is an intense workout… I mean, who can forget Brandi Chastain’s abs when she tore off her jersey after putting the winning goal in the back of the net during the 1999 Women’s World Cup? That just goes to show you what playing soccer 24/7 can do to your body!

Source: Pure Matters