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Palmer House Still For Sale

Published On: Sep 20 2011 07:21:04 AM CDT   Updated On: Sep 21 2011 05:58:00 AM CDT

One of the ways that Daren Palmer's victims will be paid restitution is through the sale of his unfinished Idaho Falls home.

It started out on the market in 2009 at $4 million and since then, it has dropped to $2.4 million.

Plus, the home is not finished. Realtors say it will cost at least another million to finish the landscaping, kitchen cabinets and the upstairs.

There have been no offers on the house since it went on the market.

While Susan Weaver, the realtor is hopeful the buzz about the house will settle now that Palmer has been sentenced, she says the market is not all that strong for houses in this price range.

"There's not a lot of people, especially in this market that can afford a home like this," said Weaver.

Despite the challenges, Weaver is hopeful it will be sold in the next year or two.